International Representation

Writers House has a stellar history in the licensing of books to overseas publishers. We are regular participants at the Bologna, London, and Frankfurt Book Fairs. We work with co-agents in every country that publishes translations of English language books, many of whom we've been doing business with for over two decades. The Global Licensing department is run by Managing Director Maja Nikolic, and Executive Director Cecilia de la Campa.

We are dedicated to selling and supporting our Authors directly in the United Kingdom, British Commonwealth, Australia, and New Zealand.  These rights are sold directly by UK Rights Director Peggy Boulos-Smith (for adult books), and Cecilia de la Campa (for children’s/YA).

Email for rights inquiries (Please note we do not accept submissions at this email address, this is only for rights inquiries)

Our co-agents

  • Baltic States: ANA Baltics

  • Brazil: Agencia Riff

  • Bulgaria: Katalina Sabeva, Anthea Agency

  • Czech Republic and Slovakia: Petra Tobiskova, ANA

  • France: Agence Eliane Benisti

  • Germany: Thomas Schlück Literary Agency

  • Greece: JLM Literary Agency

  • Hungary: Judit Hermann, ANA

  • Israel: Book Publishers Assoc. of Israel

  • Israel Children's: The Deborah Harris Agency

  • Italy: The Italian Agency

  • Japan: Japan UNI Agency

  • Korea: KCC

  • Netherlands: Sebes & van Gelderen Literary Agency

  • Netherlands Children’s: Mo Literary Services

  • Poland: BookLabs Ltd.

  • Romania: Simona Kessler Copyright Agency

  • Russia: Natalia Sanina, Synopsis Agency

  • Scandinavia: Ia Atterholm

  • Serbia/Croatia/Slovenia: Plima Literary Agency

  • Spain/Portugal: RDC Agencia Literaria

  • Taiwan/PRC: Bardon-Chinese Media Agency

  • Thailand/Indonesia/Vietnam: The Greyhawk Agency

  • Turkey: Akcali Copyright

  • Turkey Children’s: Libris Agency