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How to Submit

Writers House represents writers of fiction and non-fiction, for both adult and juvenile books as well as illustrators. Our agents work with literary and commercial fiction, women’s fiction, science fiction/fantasy, narrative non-fiction, history, memoirs, biographies, psychology, science, parenting, cookbooks, how-to, self-help, business, finance, young adult and juvenile fiction/non-fiction, and picture books. We are interested in and work with authors at all stages of their careers.

Please e-mail an individual agent with a query letter including your credentials, an explanation of what makes your book unique, and a synopsis, along with 10 pages in the body of the email. Some agents within our agency have different requirements. Please consult their individual Publishers Marketplace (PM) profile (linked here) for details of those requirements and the genres each agent represents. We make every attempt to respond to all queries, generally within six to eight weeks.

We receive hundreds of submissions a month, all of which receive careful consideration. This takes time, so we encourage your patience. If we request your manuscript, we prefer that you send it to us on an exclusive basis.

Please do not query two agents within our agency simultaneously; however, if the first agent you submit to should pass on your project, please feel free to resubmit to another agent here.

We do not represent original screenplays.